What Is Vaping

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What Is Vaping

What is Vaping

Exactly What IS Vaping?

The actual definition of Vaping is:  “To inhale water vapor into the lungs”. My definition:  Vaping is the best way for you to finally enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes and put down those analogs!  It really works!

Sure, it sounds pretty innocent, doesn’t it?  So, exactly what is this vaping thing all about?  Well, Vaping with electronic cigarettes, also know as ecigs is a lot more enjoyable than smoking regular analog cigarettes and is totally the best idea that has come along in years!  I just can’t believe it took such a long time for someone to come up with the ecigs.

Do you want to vape electronic cigarettes and quit smoking?  Have you thought about it over and over again and just can’t put down the analog cigarettes?  Well, you’re going to learn something new here!

An Ecig, also known as an Electric Cigarette, is a device that usually looks, feels, acts and can even taste like a real cigarette .  It provides you with nicotine,  the act of smoking and is powered by a rechargeable battery.  Ecigs don’t actually burn any tobacco or anything else.  I use V2 Ecigs and love them!e-cig

I have found that this brand is the best on the market!  You get more “vape”, a stronger “throat hit”, it lasts longer and the price is very competitive.

There is no “fire”. It only heats up the nicotine e-liquid, which turns it into water vapor and you then inhale it, just like a cigarette.  Believe me, it works!

This is called “Vaping”. The vapor is very similar to smoke, but it’s only water vapor.  You get the same feel as if you are actually smoking, , a real throat hit, you still are putting a device in your mouth like a cigarette and you are even blowing smoke, known as vapor, out of your mouth like a cigarette and you get your “fix”, just like a real one.



So, what is vaping actually good for?

Relaxation, pleasure and meditation.  It’s a way for you to just get away or zone out for a little while during the day and get your nicotine fix while not actually smoking.

You can even vape at work!  I wouldn’t recommend you make it totally known, but think about it.  You can vape in the restroom, a closet or anywhere that you are kind of by yourself, because the water vapor disappears in seconds and does not smell.  It’s not a cigarette, so you’re probably not actually breaking any company policies or rules.

Need more?  Still Saying To Yourself, What Is Vaping?

What is vaping?  It is so much like smoking, but you’re not using any tobacco or getting any tar or the other dangerous additives that are in cigarettes. Also, you don’t have to worry about producing any second hand smoke for others to breathe.  The vapor doesn’t have the smell of cigarettes and it evaporates into the air in about 3 or 4 seconds.

What about the cost?  Vaping works out to be about half of what cigarettes cost!  There’s one more reason to vape, instead of smoking cigarettes (dejar de fumar).  Still want to learn more?  Checkout these e cigarette reviews.

What is Vaping?  Let’s look at it this way: People smoke because of their addiction to nicotine, but there are other reasons, too.  They have gotten used to putting something in their mouth, holding something in their fingers and using smoking as a social habit.

Vaping with electronic cigarettes is almost identical to this habit that you have been keeping for how many years?  You will still get your nicotine, inhale your smoke, hold something in your fingers and put something in your mouth.  Which is the best vapor cigarette for you?

So again, what is vaping?  It is what you should start doing, right now!  Kick those cigarettes the easy way!  See How I Quit Smoking.  Again, it really worked for me!  Listen, if I can do it, anyone can!  Why don’t you quit those cigs now and start to vape with ECIGS!

Here are some advantages of E-cigs:

  • No More Bad/Smoker’s Breath
  • No More Offensive Smoke
  • No Ash
  • No Fire / No Flame
  • Cheaper than Cigarettes
  • More Cost Effective/Saves Money
  • No Butts
  • Less Waste
  • Smoking Alternative\Alternative to Smoking
  • Non –intrusive
  • Smoke More Freely
  • Smoke “almost” Anywhere
  • No Social Stigmas
  • Provides an Authentic Smoking Experience

I can promise you that after a week or so of vaping, you will not even enjoy smoking a regular cigarette.  They will taste bad and the smoke will actually bother you when you inhale it into your lungs. You will soon be able to smell things, taste things and will be coughing a lot less.

Now, are you ready to start Vaping?  You will enjoy it much more than smoking analog cigarettes.  Will you put down those cigs for good?

Learn more about Electronic Cigarettes

What Is Vaping

Top Reasons For Using ECIGs

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Top ECIG Reasons

For a smoker that is looking for a change, the top ECIG reasons can include many factors.  There are many reasons why the electronic cigarette may be the best choice for you.  If you’re looking to make a change and slowing down your smoking, here are some of the benefits to choosing the ECIG.

First, the ECIG allows you to have the ultimate freedom to “smoke” wherever you happen to be.  Have you ever gone to a restaurant or bar to socialize with friends only to find that smoking is no longer allowed?  Many bars and restaurants now allow ECIGS.

How many times have you been sitting at your desk and craved a cigarette, only to know that you can’t smoke for another hour or even two?  And even when you do have a break to smoke, you find that you have to go outside or even off of the property.  Cold in the winter and hot in the summer!

ECIGs can give you the freedom to satisfy your cravings without having to give up your social life or step away from your office.  This tiny device can allow you to get the nicotine delivery you crave without being banned.  You will feel more freedom and a feeling of control in your life.

Top ECIG Reasons – Your Health

If you’re concerned about your health, the electronic cigarette may also be a major benefit to you.  This is the most important one of the top ECIG reasons and why you should quit smoking cigarettes.  This product will allow you to feel like you are smoking without inhaling harmful carcinogens such as tar.  You’ll be able to calm your cravings without having to worry about emphysema.

If you’ve been diagnosed with health problems related to smoking tobacco, this product may help you to improve your health and prevent further damage.  And with the ECIG you can control how much nicotine you inhale.  Different milligrams are available for you to choose from.

Finally if you’re ready to quit smoking but you don’t know how you can really do it, the ECIG can help with cessation.  By monitoring your amounts of nicotine, you can gradually step down until you’re at zero nicotine.  Once that happens, you can decide if you want to continue with the electronic cigarette or let it go completely.

Another one of the top ecig reasons  is cost. It is always a factor, but you’ll find that the ECIG is quite a bit less expensive than a regular smoking habit.  You have to replace some filters and solutions, but with the rising cost of tobacco, you’ll find that the ECIG is actually quite economical.

Enjoying freedom, improving your health, and gradually quitting smoking are all important factors when deciding to purchase an electronic cigarette.  The top electronic cigarette reasons for you may be individual – but you’ll find that this product can change your life in many positive ways.  I have been using Electronic Cigarettes for over a year and have not had a single puff from the traditional analog cigarette during this time.

I’m sure there are other top ecig reasons that are a factor in why you should consider vaping.  Be sure to leave a comment below if you come up with any new ones.

Top ECIG Reasons

Vaping Symptoms

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Common Vaping Symptoms

Although many new vapers quickly adapt without problems, others find themselves struggling with their vaping symptoms and/or with finding a nicotine strength which satisfies them.

If you are struggling to find satisfaction with vaping after a few days, weeks, or even months (some people have found that vaping works at first but a craving for something else develops over time) then I hope that this note will be helpful.

The first thing to recognize is that some symptoms of switching from smoking to vaping are not related to your chemical needs:

1. There is no quick satisfaction (rush) from vaping. Nicotine reaches the brain very quickly from smoking. Nicotine absorbed by vaping has a slower smoother effect. This changes the feel a bit and it may take a while to get used to the different delivery speed. It also can make it hard to tell when you are getting too little vs. too much.

2. Smoking delivers carbon monoxide, vaping does not. This is of course a good thing. But if you feel a lack of “rush” effect from vaping this could be the cause. You will adapt to this, carbon monoxide isn’t something you are addicted to.

3. You may feel a sore throat, dry mouth, and/or cold-like symptoms. For most people this passes after about a week. Drinking more liquids may help. Note that these are common symptoms of quitting smoking, related to tar. For a particular person they may or may not be aggravated by vaping. If these get very bad you should consider switching from vaping a PG based liquid (the most common liquids) to a VG based one or seeing a doctor (perhaps something else is causing the symptoms.)

4. You may start producing more phlegm for a month or so, and have associated coughing. If you’ve quit smoking in the past you’ll recognize this symptom. Your lungs are clearing some of the tar from the past at a faster rate than they could while you were smoking.

5. Hiccups. As a new vaper you may find yourself swallowing some juice when you overfill cartridges, flood your atomizer, and then suck it in by mistake. Swallowing nicotine can trigger hiccups. You’ll learn how to avoid flooding the atty with practice.

Now let’s talk about the nicotine strength to use. Your body doesn’t feel right but you don’t know whether to reduce or increase the level of nicotine you are vaping. Or you’ve increased the nicotine strength a few times and it isn’t helping.

Many symptoms of over-dosing on nicotine and of cigarette withdrawal are similar so it can be hard to tell which of these is happening.

A disclaimer here: I am not a professional in this field. The symptoms I describe below and attribute to either to under or over dose of nicotine are information I have assembled by reading web sites and published studies; my advice is based only on that. I can not promise that they are absolute indications. Above all in your process of switching to vaping, listen to your body. If you can work out what it is telling you then that’s the best advice of all.

The symptoms of nicotine overdose are clearer indicators of what is happening in your body than the symptoms of withdrawal. This is because nicotine overdose has been studied a fair bit. Nicotine withdrawal has not been studied nearly as much. What has been studied a lot is cigarette withdrawal which is a different thing – it includes no longer inhaling a few thousand chemicals, not just nicotine.


Symptoms of nicotine overdose:

  • racing pulse, palpitations
  • sweaty palms
  • racing pulse, palpitations
  • sweaty palms and feet, cold sweats
  • slurred speech, lisp
  • muscle twitching
  • hearing or vision problems
  • salivation, drooling
  • loss of appetite
  • vomiting

Symptoms of cigarette withdrawal which I think are primarily associated with nicotine withdrawal:

  • increased appetite
  • constipation

Symptoms of cigarette withdrawal which may be due to nicotine withdrawal but may also be due to withdrawal from something else:

  • cravings
  • difficulty concentrating
  • irritability, frustration, anger

Symptoms which have been associated both with nicotine overdose and with cigarette withdrawal. These are symptoms which can make it hard to tell what’s going on:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • depression
  • diarrhea
  • anxiety
  • shortness of breath, chest tightness
  • fatigue, drowsiness
  • insomnia
  • tingling feelings
  • confusion

With luck you’ll be able to match up a few things you are feeling with vaping symptoms that indicate that you are over-dosing or under-dosing, then adjust your nicotine level accordingly and start feeling right.

Common Vaping Symptoms


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