The Choice to Smoke or Quit Smoking

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The Choice to Smoke or Quit Smoking

Each of our lives are actually the result of our choices.   Yes we choose most of the things in life.   We choose what we are going to wear, what we are going to eat, who are life partner will be, what are career will be, and yes it is a choice that is made to smoke or quit smoking.

Yes you choose to smoke or not to smoke.  Cigarettes do not find their own way into your mouth.  You have made the choice to place each cigarette you have ever smoked into your mouth.  You even made the choice to buy the cigarettes at the store.   Why not make the choice to use Vaping, instead of smoking cigarettes?

Vaping Ecigs is almost the same as using analog cigarettes.  The battery heats up the e-liquid and produces a water vapor.

From the time you first have an urge for a cigarette you make choices that lead to the eventual smoking of that cigarette.   You take your money to the store and purchase a pack of cigarettes that was your choice.   You open the pack of cigarettes and remove one, light it, and smoke it that was your choice.  How many times have you made that special trip to the store just to purchase cigarettes?  Now wasn’t that a lot of work for a pack of cigarettes.

You want a cigarette and you are out.   You could choose to not go buy that new pack today rather than going to all that work just to get a pack of cigarettes.   Why not decide or rather choose to quit smoking right then.   What better time could there be?

Our lives really are the after effect of all the choices we make on a daily basis.  And practically all of the choices we make with complete freedom to choose what we want.  Ecigs and vaping offer the freedom to vape anywhere and anytime you want to.

These choices can bring us prosperity or poverty; make us sad or happy, satisfied or dissatisfied and a smoker or non-smoker.

Your choice to not smoke could be influenced by the desire to have good health, improve your financial situation, not smell like smoke, or have more energy.  When you decide to quit smoking you need to choose things to replace smoking when you experience cravings.  You could exercise, visit with a member of your support team, chew gum, eat a healthy snack, and do something to help someone else.   Make your own set of choices to replace smoking in your life.

You don’t just wake up with a cigarette in your mouth.  You make choices that place that cigarette in your mouth and you can use this same power of choice to choose to not smoke.  Remember you do have a choice.   Will you choose to continue smoking or will you choose to quit smoking today?

Give electronic cigarettes a try today!  You will love them!

The Choice to Smoke or Quit Smoking

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