ECIG – The Electronic Cigarette

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What Is An ECIG?

You may have seen them online, ads, kiosks selling them and people using them, but you may be wondering what exactly is an ECIG?  This product has become very popular and if you’re a smoker, thinking about quitting , you may want to know more information about them.

An ECIG (electronic cigarette) is a device that allows you to get doses of nicotine without having to inhale and exhale smoke.  It has three different parts that work together to produce this function.  It has a liquid cartridge that contains the nicotine solution.

The nicotine solution can come in varying degrees of dosages.  Some are high doses and some are very low.  You’ll need to decide what you think is best.  18mg, 12mg or 6mg.  It also comes in a variety of flavors.  You can stick with flavorings that mimic smoking, but you can also choose flavors that have nothing to do with smoking.

Nicotine cartridges come in a variety of fun flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, coffee, and vanilla.  There are actually hundreds of flavors to choose from depending on the brand you choose for your ecig.  You can try a variety until you get one that you love.

The second component of the ECIG is the atomizer.  This is the part of the ECIG that helps to turn the liquid in the cartridge into a vapor.  It contains a small heating element that turns the liquid into a water vapor.

The third part of the ECIG is the part that makes it electronic.  Most of them contain a rechargeable battery that can be used over and over again.  Keep in mind some batteries are made to last longer than others.  Some electronic cigarettes are triggered by simply breathing in.  This is called an automatic battery.  However, others have switches that must be turned manually with a switch, hence a manual battery.

Many ECIGs come with plastic “packs” that can be plugged into a power source for charging.  They are the same size as a traditional package of cigarettes.  This is where you can store the electronic cigarette.

ECIG – Looks And Feels Like A Real Cigarette

The entire mechanism of the ECIG is usually designed to look just like a regular cigarette.  It’s the same size and shape.  In fact, you might mistake it for a regular cigarette except that it doesn’t emit any smoke however, you can get all shapes and sizes.

People choose to use electronic cigarettes for many reasons.  Some want to continue to smoke, but can’t smoke at work or school because of restrictions.  Others want to reduce their risk of cancer and heart disease, but want to continue enjoying their nicotine.

Still others use the product to help reduce their dependence on cigarettes and nicotine.  Eventually they plan to step down so that they can completely quit using the product.  If you’ve ever wondered what is the electronic cigarette, a simple online search will provide you with even more information.

What Is An ECIG?

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