Importance of Support when you Quit Smoking

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Importance of Support when you Quit Smoking

Research has shown that you will improve your success of quitting smoking if you have support or help.   Actually your chances of success are up to eight times greater if you work with a support team or program instead of trying to quit smoking by yourself.  You do not have to be involved in a formal support program to get the help that you need.  You can reach out to family, friends or your physician for this support.  You may want to have several different types of support.   The more support you have the better your chance of success will be in quitting smoking.

Support is a necessary part of quitting smoking. To obtain support should probably be the first step you make if you really are serious about your desire to quit smoking.   Having a support system will provide the needed psychological support.   It just could be that this support is all that you need to keep you on the path to quit smoking and to keep your motivation moving along.

Having a good support team will help you when it gets hard to stay on track to successfully stop smoking.   It is important to have a support team you trust and that will be available to you.  Have you heard of Vaping?  There are tons of vape groups around these days and it is an excellent way for you to quit smoking cigarettes.

Complimenting other smoking cessation products with a support program will provide even better results than using the products alone.  What is Vaping?  Basically, it’s a electronic cigarette with no fire!  Remember you may need to select more than one product or source to help you accomplish your goal to quit smoking.  You might mix Ecigs and Vaping with Nicorette.

Your support team can even include someone else who is trying to stop smoking at the same time.  Yes a quit smoking buddy can replace some of your old smoking buddies providing just the right motivation for you to succeed.  This individual can relate to you on the same level regarding what you are experiencing during the time of trying to stop smoking.   You can actually be a moral support for each other.

Vaping will totally give you another alternative method of quitting those nasty cigarettes!  Go to a local vape shop and learn all about them.

It would probably be good to schedule some routine visits with your quit smoking buddy, this will assure you stay in contact with each other.  Make it a social event that can provide additional moral support as you continue to try to stop smoking.

It is very important to have support when you are trying to stop smoking.   Identify your quit buddy today or other quit smoking support team and decide to stop smoking today.  Don’t forget my suggestion of visiting your vape shop.  (:

Importance of Support when you Quit Smoking

What Will I Do If I Quit Smoking

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What will I do if I Quit Smoking

Yes, there are truly people who just can’t imagine what they could possibly do in certain situations if they did not smoke.  Perhaps you have even thought this about yourself.   Do you find you must smoke when you are sad, happy, stressed, troubled, or tired?   So if you quit smoking, what will you do?

Those who know me can guess that my suggestion would be to Vape Ecigs!  (:    Vaping is totally awesome and if you haven’t tried it, then you have a wonderful surprise ahead of you!

First let’s take a look at what that cigarette is doing for you in these types of situations.

If you are happy and want to celebrate and you have that cigarette in your hand and now you start to reach over to give someone a celebration hug.  What is in the way?   You got it the cigarette.  Now get it in an Electronic Cigarette…  Perhaps you often will stop and lay aside your cigarette so you can celebrate with a hug for someone.  Now tell me, how that cigarette helped you celebrate.  Oh, I see by getting in the way.

Let’s move on your sad, perhaps you just found out you didn’t get that big raise at work.  So the first thing you reach for is a cigarette.   Oh now this is really good.  You are sad because you are not going to get more money in your paycheck so what is you answer get a cigarette put fire to the end of it and burn it up.  How much did that cigarette cost you and how much is that next doctor bill going to be due to the affects on your body of smoking.   So now you are getting the raise and you just spent or better said burnt up some of your existing money.   That should really make you feel better, Right?

Nothing can put stress on people like having health problems and the worry it can bring.  Your doctor just called to tell you he ordered another chest x-ray because “something” showed up on the first one   Just like a magnet your hand reaches over for another cigarette.  Why, because you are stressed due to worry about what that “something” was that just showed up on the last x-ray.   What is that cigarette going to do for whatever the “something” is?    Get the point you just added a problem on top of a problem and you thought that was helping.

You teenager didn’t get home on time last night and you were worried.  You’ve got trouble on your hands and the first thing you want in your hands with that trouble is a cigarette.   But now, you can turn to your vaping and pull out that E-cig for vape pleasure!  You are going to talk with you teenager about how they need to follow the rules and be home on time so others do not worry and it is for their own good.   All the stuff parents say with a cigarette in your hand which you know is not good for you.  Oh I get it, Son do as I say not as I do.

You’ve worked hard all day and finally you are home relaxed in your favorite chair and you reach over for a cigarette to help you rest.   And rest you do, cigarette in hand and just about the time you doze off the smoke alarm goes off.   Forget about being tired now you have to put a fire out that started in the chair.   Oops was it from that cigarette you wanted to help relax with, but with Ecigs and vaping, there is no fire to contend with.  It’s strictly a battery that heats a liquid into vaper!

The thing to do is quit smoking today and start Vaping!

What will I do if I Quit Smoking

Why Quit Smoking

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Why Quit Smoking


Simply because you can quit smoking.  It may not necessarily be easy to do but there has been a multitude of people who have already made the decision to quit smoking and have successfully done so.  A lot of people have used Vaping, to quit.  When you know what to expect you will position yourself for to be successful in your attempt to quit.  In addition to feeling better you will reap many other benefits from your decision to stop smoking, especially if you can enjoy Vaping by using E-Cigs.

Why Quit Smoking – Personal Health


The main reason people usually make the decision to quit smoking is centered on health issues.  While using electronic cigarettes is still relatively new and not approved by the government yet, we can safely say it is still better for you than regular analog cigarettes.  It is a known fact that smoking can cause lung cancer but it can do many other things as well to your health

  • Various other cancers in addition to lung cancer
  • Emphysema and chronic bronchitis,
  • heart condition increasing risk for heart attack
  • peripheral vascular disease,
  • Increased risk for stroke
  • premature aging of the skin,
  • bad breath, bad smelling clothes and hair and yellowing of fingernails.
  • Increased risk during pregnancy including miscarriages and lower birth-weight babies

No matter how long you have smoked, when you quit smoking you will benefit from doing so.  If you stop smoking before age 35 you can actually prevent 90% of the health risk associated with smoking.  To quit smoking later in life, while still enjoying your Vaping, you will still provide benefits and reduce the risk of diseases associated with smoking.

Why Quit Smoking – Cost


In addition to improving your health and lower your risk for certain diseases another reason to quit smoking is the cost to smoke.   Smoking is an expensive habit and most people that smoke could use the money they spend for smoking for other things needed in their life.  The annual cost for the average smoker is estimated to be approximately 3,391 dollars, while Vaping by using Ecigs, is about one fourth of that.  E-cigs are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Calculate quickly how much you spend in a year smoking:  consider how much you spend in a day and multiply it by 365.   To look at how much you have already spent in your lifetime multiply the amount you spend per year by the number of years you have been smoking.   Surprised at the amount of money you might say you have simply burnt up?  Change that today by making a decision to quit smoking now.  Another reason for turning to Vaping…  (:

Still haven’t decided to quit smoking?   Let’s look at this another way,  take the amount you spend per year smoking and multiple it by 10 assuming you continue to smoke for the next 10 years.  Wow, that is a lot of money!   Just think that is money you have not spent yet, so if you decide to quit smoking today, just what could you do with that money?

This has only included the cost of the cigarettes not the additional cost of insurance and healthcare due to the affects of continuing to smoke.  What is Vaping good for?  Better health, money savings and convenience….  Stop smoking and start Vaping!  You will love it!

Why Quit Smoking


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