Importance of Support when you Quit Smoking

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Importance of Support when you Quit Smoking

Research has shown that you will improve your success of quitting smoking if you have support or help.   Actually your chances of success are up to eight times greater if you work with a support team or program instead of trying to quit smoking by yourself.  You do not have to be involved in a formal support program to get the help that you need.  You can reach out to family, friends or your physician for this support.  You may want to have several different types of support.   The more support you have the better your chance of success will be in quitting smoking.

Support is a necessary part of quitting smoking. To obtain support should probably be the first step you make if you really are serious about your desire to quit smoking.   Having a support system will provide the needed psychological support.   It just could be that this support is all that you need to keep you on the path to quit smoking and to keep your motivation moving along.

Having a good support team will help you when it gets hard to stay on track to successfully stop smoking.   It is important to have a support team you trust and that will be available to you.  Have you heard of Vaping?  There are tons of vape groups around these days and it is an excellent way for you to quit smoking cigarettes.

Complimenting other smoking cessation products with a support program will provide even better results than using the products alone.  What is Vaping?  Basically, it’s a electronic cigarette with no fire!  Remember you may need to select more than one product or source to help you accomplish your goal to quit smoking.  You might mix Ecigs and Vaping with Nicorette.

Your support team can even include someone else who is trying to stop smoking at the same time.  Yes a quit smoking buddy can replace some of your old smoking buddies providing just the right motivation for you to succeed.  This individual can relate to you on the same level regarding what you are experiencing during the time of trying to stop smoking.   You can actually be a moral support for each other.

Vaping will totally give you another alternative method of quitting those nasty cigarettes!  Go to a local vape shop and learn all about them.

It would probably be good to schedule some routine visits with your quit smoking buddy, this will assure you stay in contact with each other.  Make it a social event that can provide additional moral support as you continue to try to stop smoking.

It is very important to have support when you are trying to stop smoking.   Identify your quit buddy today or other quit smoking support team and decide to stop smoking today.  Don’t forget my suggestion of visiting your vape shop.  (:

Importance of Support when you Quit Smoking

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