Why Nicotine Won’t Let You Quit Smoking

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Quit Smoking – Nicotine is Addicting

Do you want to know why you can’t quit smoking and give up nicotine?  It’s mainly because nicotine has such a strong hold on you. It is one of the most addictive substances the planet has to offer and it’s found naturally in tobacco.

While not illegal, it’s basically the same as cocaine or heroin, the two drugs known for their powerful features and being addictive.

When you use nicotine, your body begins to rely heavily on this, both mentally and physically. You cannot stop because you have smoking as your number one priority, before both mind and physical problems facing you at this time.  All you think about is smoking a cigarette!

This is not the smoke itself that wreaks havoc on you, but the addiction of nicotine which makes it almost impossible for you to stop smoking.  When you inhale the nicotine, which comes from the smoke, deep into your lungs it immediately goes straight into your blood stream and then moves to each section of your body to affect your internal health.

Heart and blood vessels, brain, hormones, and your metabolism all directly become affected with this nicotine. While you can find logical damage done, your ability to stop smoking reduced by nicotine, the drug has the same effect of endorphins and releases mood elevating feelings that cause you to want more.  Your body just craves more and more.

When trying to stop smoking, or even staying with the same number of cigarettes you currently smoke, your body is triggered to smoke more, telling you that you will be tolerant of your current usage. The nicotine can cause your body’s reaction more quickly than if you were given the drug intravenously.  It’s a horrible situation!

If you can stop smoking, nicotine will still be in your body up to four days after you stop using it. Your body goes into withdrawal, which are both mental and physical barriers that must be overcome.  You have to find a way to get past this.

Quit Smoking – Nicotine is Also Physically Addicting

While the physical part of addiction should be dealt with, symptoms such as sleep disorders, headaches, and dizziness, when a person stops smoking, the mental part that is noticeable when the new ex-smokers began dealing with depression, frustration, and anger that results from the nicotine withdrawal.

Because the pressure is felt in both mind and body, many smokers return back into bad habits and the nicotine will remove the symptoms you are feeling. Kind of like a sugar rush!  Dilemma of withdrawal symptoms when someone stops smoking can take several  or many days or weeks, depending on the severity of addiction.

Finally, the symptoms ease up and the  strong hold nicotine has over it’s users loosens its grip and will allow ex-smokers to kick the habit for good.

Most smokers have to try several times before they stop smoking forever, even though many do so on the first try.

Quit Smoking – Nicotine is Addicting

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